Elvira V. Hopper

Elvira V. Hopper is a Miracle Mindset Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Artistic Healer...and most importantly today the founder of 'The Love Your Vibe Transformation'...a unique NEW personal development SOULution to help heart centred people BE: seen, safe, celebrated & supported...and go from where there are, to where they want to be in beautiful community!This unique system allows them to get into aligned authenticity so they can escape their darkness naturally...create the life of THEIR dreams and connect to WHY they were brought here in THIS lifetime ☆ It truly is a MIRACLE!Through her own mental health 'blessed breakdown/sacred breakthrough' triggered by adult bullying & a troubled marriage, she walked her OWN talk...left behind a 6 figure award winning corporate ROCKSTAR... got out of her OWN f'n way...and fully self-expressed & unleashed attracted her favorite miracle of becoming a pro jazz artist at 51!She works with worldclass jazz artists on worldclass jazz stages...where she created her first & LIVE album ☆She has never gone back to her mental health issues...naturally (no drugs or therapy)...her marriage is a dream and has a powerful Vision & Mission to serve the world ♡


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