Angie Correa

Angie is Career Coach and Cash Injection Strategist that works with Women to help them Play BIGGER in Work & Life!She teaches women who struggle with overwhelm and breakdown to claim their leadership. She shows them how to implement structures that free them from being a bottleneck to their own growth thus becoming more empowered, efficient, productive and abundant.She believes that WOMEN are Courageous, Committed and Confident and they have the ability to Create Powerful Opportunities at any point in their life...Angie's passion to work with women comes from a 25 year career in Corporate Sales & Marketing on mostly female teams who would get skipped over for promotions & raises. Because of that experience she became a student of personal development over 15 years ago and now utilizes it when working with her clients to blend the mind and heart for a graceful transition into the next chapter of your life.


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